Underwater Cutting

Underwater cutting and drilling of metal, wood and reinforced concrete, are vital in the marine civil construction industry and is used to repair or demolish structures such as wharves, jetties, bridges, pipelines and underwater obstructions.

Various materials require different cutting and drilling apparatus and techniques. We have a vast range of specialised underwater tools including Broco (ultrathermic cutting), chainsaws, ringsaw, grinders, rock hammer/chisel and drills.

Broco cutting or ultrathermic cutting is an effective way of cutting metal surfaces underwater, such as sheet pile, steel reinforcing, pile casings, chains and shackles, (other underwater metal cutting applications).

Our Hydraulic tools have the power to cut through the toughest of concrete or timber.
Pneumatic tools are another great option for underwater cutting and is the predominant method for underwater drilling, grinding and core sampling.

Underwater battery operated tools are extremely useful for quick cutting jobs as they are easily deployed with their own power source and are ideal for confined space as there are no noxious fumes. They also have no environmental contaminants which is ideal for sensitive areas such as potable/drinking water and marine parks.

Cutting bridge pier in zero visabilty


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