Underwater Cleaning

Southern Commercial Divers are at the forefront of the diving industry with extensive experience in underwater cleaning operations.  We undertake a thorough assessment and review before commencing any operation and each plan is customised, depending on the environment and surface.

Over the years we have increased the life span and efficiency of a wide variety of machinery and vessels including:  structures; moorings; water intakes; piles/pylons; boat propellers; and hulls to name a few.  Cleaning of vessel hulls and props also reduces fuel consumption, preserves anti-fouling and lengthens the time between slip maintenance.

We have developed effective methods of diver-controlled dredging that successfully removes lime, sand, silt, shells, mud and other sediment in many underwater construction projects.

It is used around piles, sand traps, channels, to clean clarifiers, water intakes or in the process of laying cables as well as in water treatment plants, waste wash tanks and inlet structures. Regular cleaning of water intakes reduces wear on pumps and motors and minimizes potential damage to other components.


Dewatering dam


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