Southern Commercial Divers is a leader in high-risk salvage operations. With safety as our highest priority, a thorough risk assessment and pre-salvage dive plan are conducted by our experienced divers to help us eliminate risk, and enable us to choose the most appropriate retrieval methods.

Our specialised salvage equipment includes: lift bags; work boats; barges; pumps; underwater cutting tools; compressors; a crane truck; and a landing barge with crane. In extreme cases, our pre-salvage dive plan may also include the services of a heavy-lift helicopter and cranes to aid in removal of whole items or debris.

We believe that careful planning is critical to a successful salvage operation. Our extensive salvage portfolio includes the recovery of: ferries; tugboats; yachts; plane; cars; plant/machinery; anchors; moorings; fishing vessels; ships; barges; and recreational boats.


Recovery of truck at bridge


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