ROV or Remote Operated Vehicle is a safe and quick system of conducting underwater inspections. They have the benefit of being small and easily deployable and they are operated using game-like controllers.

It is perfect for underwater inspections or where diver access is not suitable or is too dangerous.

The VideoRay PRO3 XE GTO propels at speeds up to 4.1 knots which makes it the most powerful ROV in its class. It also has a manipulator arm for object retrieval or intervention.

The AC-ROV is a micro unit with 6 thrusters and can be deployed in under 3 minutes. It is currently the only ROV to have “stick-on” capabilities, by adding the roller kit it converts the ROV into a 4-wheeled vehicle that can move over most surfaces. With a fly-through diameter of 240mm, it is ideal for underwater pipe inspections and other small space inspection work.

Capturing high quality still photography and video footage is possible from either of these ROV units.

Videoray Pro 3 GTO


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