Potable Water Reservoirs

Water is essential for life; our dependence on clean water means that any contamination to our water supply can have detrimental effects to the well-being of the community.

Our divers combine long-standing experience with a comprehensive understanding of the intricacies to successfully deliver the following services: underwater inspections; condition assessment; floor and wall cleaning; leak detection; and repairs and maintenance. All of these services are undertaken while the reservoir remains fully operational and without the need to drain the reservoir.

Our reservoir maintenance specialists only use the latest technology and have developed and manufactured ‘Remora’, a wall and floor cleaning vacuum head with a rotating brush. ‘Remora’ has the capability to remove all biofilm containing sediments (cryptosporidium, manganese and chlorine residuals) that are unable to be eliminated via most other cleaning methods.

Southern Commercial Divers only uses diving suits and equipment uniquely designed for use in drinking water, enclosed in a purpose-built trailer. We have no limits to the size and style of reservoirs we can service Australia-wide.


Surface reservoir


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