Pile Inspections And Repairs

Continual exposure to water can cause degradation and corrosion in pilings made from materials such as metal, concrete or timber.

At Southern Commercial Divers we have the capability and technical knowledge to provide regular inspections of underwater components of bridges, wharves or shipping berths; we deploy the most experienced divers handling the latest underwater video and photography or ROV (remote operated vehicle) equipment to identify problems before they become terminal – and ultimately costly issues for our customers.

Our divers are able to hand-scrap, or high-pressure water blast complete piles or strips to ensure our client is up-to-date and informed on the status of ever-present marine growth.

Our qualified team are experts when conducting extensive repairs above and below the waterline, epoxy or grout encapsulation, pile splicing and pile replacement. We only use the latest technology in petrolatum tapes and bolt-on jacket systems.

We pride ourselves on building a genuine partnership with our customers so we can deliver them cost-effective, through-life support.


Installation of petrolatum tape


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