Mooring Services

Mooring maintenance services are critical to the safety and security of your vessel. At a minimum, inspections and associated repairs should be done annually, and also after any significant weather event.

Our services include thorough cleaning and inspection of all components and repairs; we also provide comprehensive mooring reports that include photographs and video (if required) after each service.

Our capabilities also include the professional installation of new moorings; our installation service provides a review of the vessel size, style and location, and we include any specific mooring conditions.

As an experienced mooring Contractor we operate to the Australian Standards for Professional Divers AS/NZ:2299.2015 using qualified and experienced commercial divers and operators.

The RMS states: “Moorings must be adequately maintained, so that they remain able to secure your vessel in the worst conditions. Proof of mooring service must be produced to Roads and Maritime on request.”


Mooring chain inspection


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